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Check a Pet Microchip Number

What happens when you search a microchip?

When you search a pet microchip number, the system automatically checks all compliant pet microchip databases in real-time to identify which pet microchip databases hold the registration details.

You will then be able to contact the database that holds the registration details to identify the registered keeper, change the keepership or update your details. No personal information is shared from one database to another, simply the registration status of the pet microchip.

If the pet is not registered on a compliant database, you can register you pet's microchip online instantly.

You can learn more about the microchipping legislation for animals here.

UK Pet MicroChip Database

The UK's Fastest Growing Microchip Database

Microchip Central are one of the fastest growing DEFRA compliant microchip databases dedicated to the reunification of missing pets with their owners.

We operate a 247 call center to help get lost pets home fast!

We use the latest technology and are continually innovating to give pet owners, vets, welfare centres and dog wardens the ultimate pet reunification service.

For more details on the Microchip Central database click here.

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